Flood Warnings

There are three types of warnings to help you prepare for flooding and take action.



What impact might be evident

Flood Alert

Flooding is possible, be prepared


  • In Scotland, the Flood Alert is a regional product which provides a more general message for a larger geographical area about coastal, river and surface water flooding.


  • In England and Wales, Flood Alerts also cover larger areas than flood warnings and are issued more frequently.

Flood Warning

Flooding is expected, immediate action required

  • Flooding of homes and businesses
  • Flooding of rail lines
  • Major impacts on roads
  • Significant waves & spray
  • Inundation of flood plains, low lying and river side areas like campsites and caravan parks


Severe Flood Warning

Severe flooding is expected. This may bring a danger to life.

  • Deep and fast-flowing water.
  • Debris in the water causing danger.
  • Potential or observed collapse of buildings and structures.
  • Communities isolated by flood waters.
  • Critical infrastructure for communities disabled.
  • Potential evacuees.


In Northern Ireland a system to alert media outlets to potential issues with flooding is in place and information is issued to the public via social media channels