Company Profile


    Tsurumi submersible construction dewatering pumps are built for heavy applications on construction sites, mining, tunnelling, concrete industry, rental or wherever you need a pump to be reliable under tough conditions.


    As the leading manufacturer of submersible pumps Tsurumi is present all over Europe. We design and manufacture high quality products for tough conditions in various dewatering applications including mining, tunnelling, construction and industrial. We provide the best service in class for our customers with maintenance friendly products that reduce costs for the users.


    At Tsurumi Europe our vision is to excite all pump professionals and affiliates through our reliability in all tough conditions. As a trustworthy partner we will never stop to provide innovative solutions for our customers' needs while exploring new applications and markets.

  • Kyoto, Japan:

    Designed for increased productivity through fully integrated streamlined production systems, Tsurumi's factory in Kyoto (Japan) features a production capacity of a full 1 million pumps per year.

    Large-scale modern R&D facilties offer optimum conditions for experimenting and testing of even super-large pumps and for developing new products to expand the possibilities and applications of pumps.

  • Yonago, Japan:

    Yonago Plant manufactures pumps for water supply and sewerage systems and agricultural irrigations that support life lines, condenser vacuum pumps for power facilities such as thermal power plants, nuclear power plants, and geothermal power plants, as well as liquid ring vacuum pumps to be used for degassing, distillation and the like for the petrochemical industry in the industrial fields, and liquid ring compressors to pump various gas. Recently, we have been developing products for biofuel purification to reduce environmental pollution.

  • Taoyuan, Taiwan

    Our factory in Taiwan was built as the first overseas plant of Tsurumi in 1997, started the production at the new plant in November, 2012 after moving to Pingzhen Dist, Taoyuan City.

    With a total floor space of 4,600 square meters situated on a lot of 6,620 square meters, the Taiwan plant manufactures small-sized submersible pumps.

    The solar panels are installed on the roof, aiming for a green plant.

  • Shanghai, China:

    Shanghai Plant was established in 2002 and has capabilities for submersible pumps and submersible motors production.

  • Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam:

    Vietnam plant is Tsurumi latest factory which was established in 2018 to support the markets in South East Asia with shorter supply chain possibilities.